License Procurement & Administration

Service Category: Software

The kiz therefore procures, manages and monitors a large number of different software offerings, which are made available to users through various access options. A central licence server is operated for programmes with network licences, which regulates the number of network licences currently in use (concurrent user licences) and grants every authorised user university-wide access to these licences. The licence conditions are also monitored by kiz. The product usage rights are made available to users through publication on the kiz homepage. The service also includes the provision of documentation and specific support and advice on the use of the scientific software packages provided.

Overview of available Software: Software-Catalogue
Download Software: Portal kiz Web-Services

Performance features

  • Determination of demand for software licences through user surveys and anonymous user statistics
  • The users can indicate individual procurement requests for a certain software to the kiz. This is done by contacting the helpdesk.
  • Clarification of funding possibilities together with the users and, if necessary, application for funding to the Bureau
  • Conducting negotiations with software companies, concluding contracts and renewals by the respective specialist managers
  • Provision of a complete overview of the software on offer with information on how to access it (Software-Catalogue)
  • Operation and maintenance of the Software-Download area in the portal kiz web services for the purchase of installation packages and manuals for campus-wide available software by members of the University of Ulm. Access to the software download area is granted by authentication with the kiz account via the portal. If required for the compliance with license regulations, access to the respective installation media is only granted to authorized subgroups (e.g. only students for student versions).
  • In the case of paid single user licences, access is provided via an activation code ("voucher"). This can be purchased at the Service-Point Loan in the library's central office. Payment is made using the chip card or, in the case of university facilities, by transferring the voucher to the cost centres. In some cases, the software is also made available via the portals of the manufacturers or via local distribution channels.
  • Monitoring of licence expenditure for single user licences
  • Product groups:
    • Server and databases
    • Microsoft
    • non-scientific software

User groups

Users of the service are all members, relatives and institutions of the University of Ulm including the administration. However, the right of use in individual cases depends on the corresponding licence model and the contractual regulations. Restrictions often relate to use in research and teaching.

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Sale and transfer of licences only during the opening hours of the Service-Points Shop.

Application modalities

The service can be used by authorised persons without a separate application.

If licences are required for products that are not yet in the software catalogue, a licence request can be submitted via the helpdesk. The purchase of licences depends, among other things, on the financing possibility (central and/or apportionment).

Fee / charge

Campus licences are centrally financed without any apportionment.

Within the framework of the Microsoft state contract, the medical dean's office is involved in the form of a levy.

When selling and passing on individual workstation licences, employees or institutes are reimbursed for expenses by the cost centre, students are charged a flat-rate expense allowance.

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