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The service includes the provision of scalable solutions for conducting video conferences from the workstation or home office (currently: Zoom, DFNconf), consulting on the topic of video conferences via the Internet as well as the preparation and implementation of video conferences in the university's own studio.

Note: The rental of accessories for video conferences at the workplace or in your own meeting room (microphones, loudspeakers) is part of the equipment rental (multimedia) service.

Zoom DFNconf

Form: VC room booking (with/without support)

Service description

  • Consulting and, if necessary, training on the subject of video conferences via the Internet at your own workplace or in your own meeting room as well as on teleseminars.
  • Use of the external services Zoom or DFNconf with notebook and web browser. Depending on the size of the local group of active participants (1 to 20), different audio and video accessories may be required to achieve a technically high quality, e.g. with good speech intelligibility in both directions and without dropouts. These services also offer the possibility of recording and streaming to a large audience.
  • Preparation and realization of video conferences (VK) via internet in the central studio of the kiz in professional quality and according to a manufacturer independent international standard. For this purpose a video conference studio is operated which can be booked by the hour and which offers space for up to 6 participants.

User groups

The service can be used by members of the university. The service DFNconf can only be used by employees of the university.

Service hours

Mo - Thu 09:00 - 15:30, Fri 09:00 - 12:00
and by arrangement

Application conditions

This service can be used without request. Booking of the VC room and using support services for its implementation, require that you fill out an order form, which is available on the kiz website.

Charge / Fees

Members or institutions of the University will be charged for any reimbursement of expenses incurred. The personal consulting and support services as well as pure Internet connections are free of charge.

External companies are generally charged fees for working hours, the leasing of assets and reimbursement of expenses according to the regulations on fees and charges.


In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, special modalities apply to this service.


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