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The service covers the supply of information media to the university (purchase, exchange, gift and fee-based open access). The service organises the ordering of all print media, the inventory of received copies (journals, monographs, gifts) and is the central point of contact for new acquisition requests from all authorised users. The service is responsible for the development of the entire collection, including deacquisition.

The service coordinates and advises the financial resources in the area of information supply at the university as a whole and coordinates the acquisition of print and e-media, as well as the Open Access transformation. This includes advising users on the financing of OA publications and processing requests for reimbursement of article fees (APC), as well as coordinating the financial provision of the necessary budgets (publication funds and read-and-publish agreements).


  • Members of the university and other users with an account in the library system can submit purchase requests for monographs, e-books or other information media via a web form. The decision on whether to make an acquisition and the choice of media form is made by the acquisition management depending on the available financial resources and subject-specific aspects (e.g. available equipment).
  • Overall coordination of all acquisition decisions for information media (print and electronic)
  • Acquisition and inventory of print media
  • Development of the textbook collection: continuous renewal of the collection and adaptation of the number of copies to user needs; selection of titles in cooperation with students and lecturers
  • Acquisition of information media from central funds as well as development of additional sources of funding (e.g. student proposal budget QSM, donations, third-party funds, appointment funds)
  • Extensive acquisition projects from appointment funds, third-party funds or other additional funds are implemented in individual consultation with the funding body.
  • Financing of article refunds from the Open Access Fund of the University of Ulm from central funds as well as development of additional sources of funding
  • Organisation of stock revisions with stock decisions: Replacement acquisitions, discarding of worn-out or obsolete holdings, storage of old stock. Handing over discarded works to antiquarian bookshops.
  • Simple bookbinding work (e.g. foliation of textbooks) and placing orders for monographs and periodicals.
  • Sifting through the estates of members of the University with examination of the holdings and, if necessary, acquisition of archive copies, compilation and content management of an archive inventory of the publications of Ulm academics.
  • In individual cases, the acquisition of print media (monographs, journals) can be provided as a service for external institutions and companies. The service is always charged at market rates and requires the conclusion of an individual contract with the university. There is no entitlement to the conclusion of such a contract.
  • Documentation of access as well as invoice processing for print media
  • Collection of inventory and usage statistics

User groups

Members and institutions of Ulm University as well as registered external users (account available in the library system). External institutions or companies can use parts of the service. However, there is no entitlement to do so.

Service hours

Mon - Thurs 09:00 - 15:30h, Fri 09:00 - 12:00h

Application modalities

Purchase requests can be submitted by all user groups via a Web-Formular or in list form. The acquisitions management decides on all purchases on a case-by-case basis.

Print media can be used by all user groups, electronic content can only be used by authorised users. External users can use e-resources at the public PCs in the reading room area under walk-in agreements.

External institutions or companies wishing to use acquisition and other library services of the kiz on their behalf must conclude an individual contract with Ulm University for this purpose. A corresponding request should be sent to the head of the Information Media Department.

Users must provide proof of affiliation with the university or university hospital to claim APC reimbursement. To qualify for reimbursement, the author must be the corresponding author (not first or last author) responsible for payment of the submitted article.

Fee / Charge

Generally, no fees or charges are invoiced for the service. If the acquisition of information media cannot be made from the kiz's acquisition funds (e.g. initial equipment of departments, certain external customers), the funds must be provided by the client. In addition, external processing fees may be charged per title.

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