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The commercial software Regisafe provides the functionality of a document management system (DMS) for the central university administration. Using a Windows-based client, the uniform filing system (implementation of file plans) and the integrated search mechanisms (full text, phonetics, synonyms) allow even large amounts of data to be kept transparent and searched according to a wide variety of criteria (files, processes, addresses, e-mail, file number, etc.). The system enables the mapping of efficient workflows and ensures the revision security of archived documents. All documents can be used via the document viewer, even if the proprietary application software with which the documents were created is not installed on the client workstation.

Performance features

  • Implementation of file plans (organisation management)
  • Mapping of partial files (case management)
  • Document management of all types of files
  • Integrated document viewer with preview
  • Full text search in file contents and metadata incl. search with phonetics and synonyms
  • Document scanner (Twain, network) with automatic correction (remove blank pages and black margins, straighten), batch processing and post-processing option
  • Versioning of documents
  • Cross-module search function
  • User administration with access rights incl. rights and hierarchisation
  • Delegation of user administration rights to department administrators
  • Print function for documents and other contents (file plan, tables, hit lists, etc.)
  • Check-out / check-in of files for processing outside the document management system
  • Meeting administration: organisation of meeting templates and minutes as well as other related documents.
  • Address management for transfer to e-mail and word-processing programmes, including the creation of serial letters
  • Registry management with, among other things, barcode-based file requests, creation of labels and slips as well as synchronisation of electronic and paper-based files.
  • Definition and implementation of workflows
  • Implementation of substitution rules
  • Object-based logging of activities (e.g. changes, access, dispatch)
  • Optional use of electronic signatures for signing documents (Level 2 of the Digital Signature Act).
  • Synchronous backup of the entire database using transaction files, long-term archiving on WORM media, etc.
  • Further security functions through optional encryption and integrity check of files by Hashes

User groups

Staff of the Central University Administration

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

System work required at irregular intervals is carried out during off-peak hours. This is usually the case after 17:00 or during the general lunch break from 12:00 to 12:30.

Application modalities

Access to Regisafe must be applied for informally by authorised users at Department III or is applied for automatically when new staff with the corresponding area of responsibility are hired. After the Division III has checked the eligibility, it applies to the kiz to set up the account.

Technically, access to Regisafe also requires a Windows-based client programme and access to the administrative network (via VPN if necessary).

Fee / Charge

No fees or charges will be invoiced for the service. If extensions or adaptations of the functionality have to be ordered externally from the manufacturer, the user shall bear the associated costs.

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