Mailing lists

Service Category: Email, Calender & Collaboration

The service can be used to set up and manage mailing lists. These mailing lists are usually used in a closed group of recipients to implement the easy-to-use option of either two-way communication (e.g. working group) or one-way communication (e.g. sending newsletters). After initial set-up, the owner of the list and persons authorised by him have a large range of self-administration options for their lists.

Access (with/without login): Mailing lists

Service description

  • Configuration or control of the lists either with web frontend or via email commands
  • Assigning the setup of new lists
  • Choice between different list profiles, each with specific options (e.g. discussion, news letter, working group or project group)
  • Archive function
  • Addressing of lists in the form"[list name]"
  • Digest in wahlweisen Intervallen
  • RSS feed for each list
  • Removing obsolete lists
  • Manage subscribers (add, change, delete)
  • Edit list properties (e.g. send/receive, privileges)
  • List maintenance (e.g. deleting unreachable subscribers)

User groups

Any kiz user can request the creation of a mailing list. External students without a kiz account can be admitted in exceptional cases, if the relationship to the university is sufficiently large. The decision about it is made by the kiz. You can subscribe to a list using any valid e-mail address, provided that the owner does not restrict the subscription option (for example, closed lists).

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Application conditions

The service can be used without a separate request, provided a valid kiz account is available. External users apply for access to the kiz. The creation of a new list will be checked by the listmaster of the kiz (name of the list, permissible use) and then activated by the user.

Charges / Fee

No fees will be charged for the service.


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