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The kiz offers courses every semester on topics from its areas of responsibility, library and information technology/media, as well as within the framework of the curricular teaching of "Additive Key Qualifications" (ASQ). The concrete offer according to composition and frequency considers the demand of the users. In terms of content the focus is on the teaching of basics but also of advanced knowledge on topics such as information competence in scientific research, the use and evaluation of scientific literature and the use of web-based campus & business applications which the kiz provides as a service for the university.

Courses are usually listed in the course catalogue and usually require registration. The target group of the courses are the members of the university (students, employees). With a few exceptions, the courses are not part of the regular curriculum.

The service also includes a range of online courses and training courses licensed from a commercial provider and own learning materials, which are available to all members of the University of Ulm for self-study on the central learning platform Moodle. These are regularly checked for up-to-dateness and, if necessary, modified.

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Performance features

  • Classroom courses take place in two PC pools of the kiz which are exclusively reserved for courses.
  • The current course dates are published in the course catalogue and in the central learning platform Moodle.
  • The course contents are described on the kiz course pages.
  • The registration for the courses is done in Moodle, mainly via self-registration of the participants.
  • Individual library courses can also be attended without registration.
  • The number of participants is usually limited to 15.
  • For institutes or facilities, special courses (e.g. upgrading to a new software version at Office) can be arranged on request and tailored to the target group.
  • Course-accompanying materials are available for download in Moodle at the respective course.
  • The online training courses and videos are available in the training platform LinkedIn-Learning after registration with the kiz account.
  • The self-study materials accompanying a classroom course are available after registration for the respective course.

user groups

Courses can (depending on the specific topic and personnel capacities) be used mainly by members of the university, but also by external parties.

Members of the university, in particular employees and students, have priority in the allocation of places. If the maximum number of participants specified by the size of the PC pools is not reached, the free places can also be allocated to non-members (e.g. members of other research and educational institutions). In principle, external persons may also take part in courses from the library sector.

Upon request and with secondary priority, courses are also offered specifically for institutions associated with the University of Ulm, such as the Studierendenwerk.

Service hours

As a rule, the courses are offered during normal working hours. In order to meet specific user requirements, and depending on demand and available staffing levels, courses are also offered outside these hours, such as late afternoon, evening and Saturday.

Application modalities

Participation in the courses requires self-enrolment or registration on the central learning platform Moodle . A kiz account is required for this. No registration is required for some courses in the library area.

Enquiries concerning individual courses and topics (also from non-members of the university) are informally directed to the helpdesk of the kiz .

Fee / charge

Members of the university can use the service without fees or charges. This also applies to externals, provided they attend regular course dates and the maximum number of participants with university members has not been reached.

If separate course dates are agreed for external participants or if a course tailored to the target group is offered, fees are generally charged according to the actual time required (preparation and implementation). The hourly rates according to the list of fees for individual courses for non-members shall apply.

Communication and Information Centre (kiz)

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