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In the central SAP BW data warehouse at the University of Ulm, historical and current basic data relevant to reporting and key figures are stored from various upstream systems (including SAP ERP, HIS SOS/POS, SVA or data supplied via Excel files) and processed for both cross-departmental and department-specific analyses.

Standard reports as well as key figure reports, tables and graphics suitable for more complex analyses or ad hoc queries are implemented via SAP reporting tools and made available in a user group-specific and web-based manner via the SAP BI Platform reporting portal.

The HIS SuperX key performance indicator system delivers key performance indicators based on basic data from various upstream systems (including HIS SOS/POS or data supplied via Excel files) to the cross-university SuperX of the MWK Baden-Württemberg.

Performance features

The services include:

Application administration

  • In the event of problems and errors: root cause analysis and solution provision (including via searching for and importing SAP notes, implementation and configuration changes, customer messages to SAP) as well as problem and solution documentation.
  • Creation, management and processing of customer messages via SAP Service Marketplace or tickets at HIS
  • Creation of change requests and their transport
  • Error analysis and fixes after applying regular patches and update
  • Application-related analysis and solution of runtime errors

Modelling and programming of

  • Data extractions from SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Data validations
  • Data transformations
  • Report structures and universes
  • Queries
  • Statistics and analysis applications


  • Carrying out system and function configurations
  • Creating and maintaining user, folder and category structures

User and authorisation administration

  • Managing user accounts according to agreed application procedures
  • Implementation of roles
  • Assigning roles according to agreed approval procedures
  • Regular reviews of user accounts and role assignments

Offered reports

  • Standard reports currently offered include:
    • Account information on third-party funds and the state budget
    • Reports on performance-oriented funding (LoM)
    • Uni Benchmarking (cross-university comparison of key figures in research and teaching by the DZHW)
    • Student statistics (both reporting date-based and daily updated) and examination statistics
    • Overview of quality assurance resources
    • Order overviews kiz eKladde, VWR, Kabuco
    • Report on tuition fees
    • Classical and extended key data delivery to the MWK via SuperX
  • In addition, special data processing and analyses are designed, implemented and carried out according to need. This service feature is available in particular to the staff unit Quality Development, Reporting and Auditing (staff unit QBR) of the Central University Administration for the fulfilment of further reporting requirements and for more complex analyses.

Authentication & Authorisation

  • Employees and students of the university's student representation receive access to the reports relevant to their area, depending on their official duties or status group.
  • An account is created in the SAP system for each user. The account is assigned the necessary roles that enable access to the respective reports. Furthermore, additional analysis authorisations are required for some reports, which refer to characteristics such as cost centres or third-party funded projects, so that only the data assigned to this characteristic value can be viewed.

User groups

Employees and members of the student representation of the University of Ulm depending on the type of report.

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365 (Standard reports of SAP reporting)

Offline maintenance work on the productive system is generally carried out from Friday afternoon until Monday morning.

Maintenance work on development and test systems may also be carried out during the week.

Application modalities

The request modalities differ depending on the type of report.

Unless otherwise agreed, access to a particular report generally requires the written consent of the department or division heads whose basic data is used in the report.

Account information (with detailed reports eKladde, VWR, Kabuco)

Access to the respective cost centre and/or third-party project reports is requested from Division IV. Division IV checks the requests and forwards them to the kiz by e-mail.

Division IV has also taken over the financial administration of the student council's finances; members of the student council thus also receive authorisation to view their account information. Department IV informs the kiz about which authorisations are to be set up for which members of the student representation.

Student and examination statistics

Every user of the account information automatically also receives access to the student and examination statistics.

Additional requests for sole access to student and examination statistics (without account information) are made via the Division II, which checks the application and forwards it to the kiz by e-mail.

Performance-oriented allocation of funds

Each applicant for performance-oriented funding allocation receives authorisations to access the reports and report data concerning his or her cost centres and projects without having to apply separately to the kiz.

Likewise, each dean receives authorisation to access the cost centres and projects of his or her faculty.

The Presidium as well as the responsible administrators of Division IV receive access to all reports and report data of the performance-oriented allocation of funds in the same way.

Division IV informs the kiz by e-mail about the user accounts and authorisations to be set up or updated as soon as the data for the annual performance-oriented allocation of funds has been released by the Presidential Board or personnel changes have taken place among the deans or in the Presidential Board.

Staff unit QBR

The QBR staff unit uses the reporting systems to support further reporting requirements, which are mostly forwarded to the respective addressees in paper form. For this purpose, the responsible staff members of the staff unit receive extensive access to analyses and reports from SAP BW and SuperX (e.g. for the report on teaching, university benchmarking, STRATUS).

User accounts and authorisations are requested from the kiz by e-mail through the head of the QBR staff unit.

Fee / Charge

No fees or charges will be invoiced for the service.

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