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The best way to search for individual titles available outside of the packages is to use the advanced search in the library catalog locally, limited to the media type e-book.

List of E-Book Collections

Amboss is a platform aimed at preparing medical students for their examinations:


We provide access to 15 APA handbooks. All titles are listed in the catalogue.

In 2022, all e-books (all subjects, all years) will be available on Cambridge Core as part of an EBS model. The most used titles will be permanently added to the collection in 2023. Titles are fully searchable in our OPAC.

Physik Online is a platform containing german textbooks in all relevant study fields in physics.

The reference works for medical professionals - here in a digital version that is constantly updated: Pschyrembel and Herold

All titles from 2017 on including upcoming titles 2022 are available via Science Direct. All titles are listed in the catalogue.

  • Beck Online E-Books
  • Juris: various e-books, loose-leaf editions and commentaries are included in the database ("Zusatzmodul"). Search and access directly via the database. The titles of the "Zusatzmodul" are also searchable via the OPAC.
  • TvöD context

The offer includes language and technical dictionaries for languages such as English, French, Russian, Spanish and others, as well as the most important Duden editions.

Langenscheidt Online Dictionaries

All titles are listed in the catalogue. Direct access to O'Reilly for Higher Education via the following link:



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  • For relevant search results within the platform, please access the preferences section first and add your preferred languages. Only titles in your preferred language will show up in your platform searches.


We offer e-books that we cannot license directly through the publishers on the Ebook Central platform.

Please see our brief instructions on how to use Ebook-Central.

Purchase suggestions: in the library catalogue you will also find a large number of titles of e-books with a five-minute reading sample from the following subject areas:
Education, Health & Medicine and Science & Technology.

You can suggest these titles for purchase in a simplified procedure - without filling out the purchase request form. Activation usually takes place within one working day upon purchase. You can search the available titles not only in the library catalogue, but also systematically directly in the EBC platform via the "advanced search" or via the "browse subject" tab. Titles marked in green are already licensed, titles marked in yellow can be suggested for purchase.


In 2022 selected German Pearson textbooks from the EBS 2021 access are made permanently available. The titles are searchable via the OPAC.

Access to all SIAM E-Books including the upcoming 2022 titles. All titles can be searched in our catalogue or accessed directl on publisher's platform.

Overview of available Springer e-books by copyright year and collection.

Copyright Year Collection Language Access
2020-2022 Computer Sciences inklusive Lecture Notes en Permanent
2021-2022 Technik & Informatik dt Permanent
2021-2022 Natur- und Basiswissenschaften dt Permanent
2021-2022 Medizin dt Permanent
2019-2022 Psychologie dt Permanent
2019-2022 Wirtschaftswissenschaften dt Permanent
2018-2021 Biomedical and Life Science en EBS-Access 2022
2018-2021 Chemistry and Material Science en EBS-Access 2022
2018-2021 Mathematics and Statistics en EBS-Access 2022
2018-2021 Professional and Applied Computing en EBS-Access 2022
2018-2021 Behavioral Science and Psychology en EBS-Access 2022
2021 Sozialwissenschaften & Recht dt Permanent
2021 Erziehungswissenschaften & soziale Arbeit dt Permanent
2021 Geisteswissenschaften dt Permanent
2021 Biomedical & Life Sciences dt Permanent
2021 Chemistry & Material Sciences dt Permanent
2017 Mathematics and Statistics (12 titles) en EBS-Selection permanent
2017 Engineering 2017 (39 titles) en EBS-Selection permanent
2009-2010 Business and Economics (title list PDF) en Permanent

EBS=Evidence Based Selection: access for 1 year, then takeover of selected titles.

Access to the years since 2005. Comprises:

  • Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI)
  • Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics (LNBI)


The most important Thieme textbooks as e-books, including the complete Dual Series, Prometheus and Harrison's Internal Medicine. All content is listed in the catalogue.

New in 2022: the missing titles of the "Duale Reihe" have been added

The package contains 51 titles. All titles are listed in the catalogue.

Wiley's textbook collections contain the most requested standard textbooks from the disciplines of chemistry, biology, medicine, physics, materials science and engineering. All titles are listed in the catalogue.

After a one-year test of Wiley e-books, 85 of the most frequently used titles were added to the library. Click here for the title list. All titles are listed in the catalogue.

Springer Publishing House "Medicine" 2005-2008

The collection includes 1,306 English-language e-books published by the Springer Publishing House from 2005 to 2008. In addition, some French and Spanish titles are included.

Springer Publishing House "Chemistry and Materials Science" 2005-2008

The Springer E-Book Collection of "Chemistry and Materials Science" is an extensive collection of monographs, manuals and encyclopedias. With 641 titles from 2005 - 2008, it provides a very good insight into current research in chemistry and materials science

Springer Publishing House "Lecture Notes in Computer Science" 1973-1996

The book series contains research results of computer science, mostly as conference proceedings and monographs. The years 2005 - 2015 are also licensed from the kiz.

Karger eBooks Collection Archive 1997 - 2013

E-Books by Medizin-Verlag Karger from the years 1997 to 2013, covering a large biomedical spectrum, of 38 book series, some of which have been published for many years, as well as 10 completed series.

Elsevier eBook collection on ScienceDirect - Mathematics 1949-2008

This collection contains numerous series, including titles from both the backlist (1949-2006) and frontlist (2007-2008).

RSC eBook Collection (1968 - 2009)

The eBook Collection of the Royal Society of Chemistry is an extensive collection of facts with over 1,300 titles. It is completely searchable in pdf format and shows mainly important and basic literature from the field of chemistry from 1968-2009

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