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Service Category: E-Mail, Calendar & Collaboration

The calendar service enables the administration of appointments, tasks and address data in a central location. By assigning appropriate access rights, shared calendars (e.g. for working groups) can also be set up. In addition to the service's own web interface, other client programs can also be used to access the calendars from any location.

The service is operated by the KIM of the University of Konstanz. For questions and problems the helpdesk of the kiz provides 1st level support.

Login: SOGo Groupware

Performance features

  • Authentication with the kiz account either on SOGo's own web interface or by using a suitable client program or plugin.
  • Setup and administration of one or more calendars linked to your account as well as address books on the central SOGo groupware server. Besides the administration of appointments, the calendars can also be used to manage tasks.
  • The assignment of access rights for calendars and address books to other users of the SOGo server is possible for different access patterns (read, write, create, delete).
  • The creation of calendars, assignment of access rights, and other settings can be performed exclusively with the SOGo Web Interface.
  • Access via special protocols (CalDAV for calendars, CardDav for address books) is also possible and is realised by plugins for Thunderbird, native for MacOS and iOS and via apps for Android.
  • Access for Outlook is provided via ActiveSync
  • When accessed via CalDAV/CardDav or ActiveSync, the data entered on the client is automatically synchronised with the server.

User groups

Members and affiliates of the University of Ulm

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365 (as a rule)

The infrastructure of this service is operated by KIM of the University of Konstanz. Restrictions of the operating hours are the responsibility of the operator.

Application modalities

The service cannot be applied for separately at the kiz but authorised persons are automatically registered via the identity management system (IDM), usually in connection with the kiz account.

Fee / charge

No fees or charges are currently charged for the service.

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