Scientific information services

Research data management

In research, experiments, measurements, simulations, etc. generate digital data. Certain standards and recommendations apply to the handling of this data, e.g. from the DFG and the respective discipline. In addition, third-party funders expect statements in project proposals about the data management planned in the proposed project.

The RDM service supports you in your research data management by providing information, services and contacts. If you are interested in publishing research data on OPARU, we will also be happy to support you. The service is aimed at members of Ulm University.

Literature reaearch (assignment & consulting)

The service includes counselling and carrying out subject-specific literature searches for a fee. The main sources of information are specialised databases subject to licensing, which are offered online by the two providers Dimdi (German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information) and STN (Scientific & Technical Information Network). Citation analyses are carried out in the "Web of Science" databases. In addition, comprehensive, free advice on the databases offered by the kiz is available on request

Reference management systems

Reference management software is used to manage bibliographic data and full texts. The creation of bibliographies in academic papers is also part of the scope of these programmes. A distinction is made between platform-independent (web-based) software and stand-alone installations.

Depending on the software, training courses are offered several times a semester or on request. Comprehensive support is provided for RefWorks.


OPARU serves as a publication platform and university bibliography of the Ulm University.

  • Publication platform
    OPARU, the Open Access Repository of the Ulm University, provides a platform for the electronic publication of publications and research data at the Ulm University.
    The repository can be used for all publications in a university context that are to be made publicly accessible via the Internet and indexed worldwide. The secondary publication of scientific articles on OPARU is expressly desired. The formal details are regulated in a publication contract.
  • University Bibliography
    In addition, OPARU fulfils the function of a university bibliography, in which publications published outside of OPARU, which were produced in the context of activities at Ulm University, are also recorded. The university bibliography is gradually being built up by compiling annual bibliographies.

Publication management

The service is made up of three components: Consultancy, the handling of university publications and the institutional repository (OPARU). It comprises all organisational elements that are necessary for the smooth running of a publication.

Advice is provided primarily to Ulm University academics on the possibilities of electronic publishing. The institutional repository (OPARU) provides the technical platform for electronic publications in a university context. The Publication Management Service Point has been set up as a personal point of contact for users.

Course reserves

Literature recommended by lecturers as accompanying reading for their courses and communicated to the kiz is presented in course reserves. In addition, materials accompanying lectures can be integrated in full text (multimedia if necessary). From simple scripts to videos, students can thus be provided with information in an easily accessible form.

The course reserves are displayed in the library catalogue as well as via links on other websites and physically placed on their own shelves. The books are available for use in the reading room.

Communication and Information Centre (kiz)

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