Service Category: Network & Connectivity

The LAN (Local Area Network) service provides Ulm University with the local, wired network for IP data traffic. On the one hand, the service is a fundamental component of the information and communication infrastructure on which other services of the kiz and other university facilities are based. On the other hand, the LAN provides users with a fixed network-based access to the campus network and the Internet for their own end devices, which receive a fixed and worldwide unique IP address as well as a DNS entry.

Service description

  • Provision of a wired data connection for workstations, servers and other end devices in all designated areas of the university (in particular offices, server rooms, laboratories, lecture theatres, seminar rooms)
    • Physical connection types:
    • 10/100 BaseT (Twisted Pair Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s)
    • 1000 BaseT (Twisted Pair Ethernet 1Gbit/s) - mostly available
    •  10 Gbit/s Ethernet - in the server rooms or in justified exceptions also very limited in other rooms
  • Support of the IP protocols IPv4 and IPv6
  • To use the data connection, the end devices connected to the network must be registered. One or more IPv4/IPv6 addresses from the Ulm University address space are assigned by kiz, some of which uniquely identify the end device worldwide.
  • The use of the assigned and registered IP addresses is limited to the respective network segment.
  • Dynamic DHCP address allocation is set up for sub-networks on request if certain administrative requirements are met.
  • The wired data network is segmented into subnetworks for reasons of data security, as well as for reasons of logical separation of usage types and user groups:
    • Research and Teaching (F&L)
    • Central University Administration Building Helmholtzstraße 16 (ZUV)
    • Central university administration other than building Helmholtzstraße 16 (ZUV-Campus)
    • Building management system (GLT)
    • Telecommunications (TK)
  • Segmentation can be logical and/or physical. The subnets may be segmented into further subnets.

User groups

Depending on the network segment, the following user groups can be identified:

  • F&L: All members as well as institutions of Ulm University, unless they are connected to other subnetworks
  • GLT: ZUV Department V-3 Building Automation and Electrical Engineering as well as the contractors involved
  • TK: all administrators of the TK system as well as the contract companies involved
  • ZUV: all ZUV employees in the building Helmholtzstraße 16
  • ZUV Campus: ZUV employees at locations other than the building at Helmholtzstraße 16

Service times

24 x 7 x 365

Application conditions

The use of the service and certain changes in its use must be requested. To do so, use the online application forms listed in the right-hand column. After checking the application, the necessary configuration data will be sent to the customer by e-mail. Different regulations apply to the GLT and TK network segments:

  • GLT: application only from ZUV department V-3 via direct order
  • TK: No application possible

Charges / Fees

No charges will be made for the Service.

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