Service Category: Network & Connectivity

The LAN (Local Area Network) service provides Ulm University with the local, wired network for IP data traffic. On the one hand, the service is a fundamental component of the information and communication infrastructure on which other services of the kiz and other university facilities are based. On the other hand, the LAN provides users with a fixed network-based access to the campus network and the Internet for their own end devices, which receive a fixed and worldwide unique IP address as well as a DNS entry.

Service description

  • Supply of a wired data connection for workstations, servers and other devices at all designated areas of the university (especially offices, server rooms, laboratories, lecture theatres, seminar rooms)
  • Technical connection types:
    • 10/100 BaseT (Twisted Pair Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s)
    • 1000 BaseT (Twisted Pair Ethernet 1Gbit/s) – available on request depending on expansion stage and location
    • 10 Gbit/s Ethernet – available on request depending on expansion stage and location
  • IPv4 and IPv6 protocol support
  • In order to use the data connection, you have to register the end devices connected to the network. The kiz permanently assigns one or more IPv4 addresses from the address space (134.60/16) of Ulm University, which are used worldwide to identify the end device explicitly. In addition, a subnet mask and the associated default gateway are assigned.
  • The use of the assigned and registered IP addresses is restricted to the respective network segment.
  • The respective administrators of the institution or institute must generate the network names according to the scheme [name].[subdomain] These must be unique within the subdomain assigned by the kiz.
  • A dynamic DHCP address assignment is set up on request for subnets if certain administrative requirements are met.
  • IPv6 addresses are assigned on request (only for entire subnets) and can be used both within the campus network and for external data traffic. There are currently still security concerns against a general release, both for the university firewall and for the mobile devices involved.
  • The wired data network is segmented into subnetworks for reasons of data security, as well as for reasons of logical separation of usage types and user groups:
    • Research and Teaching (F&L)
    • Central University Administration Building Helmholtzstraße 16 (ZUV)
    • Central university administration other than building Helmholtzstraße 16 (ZUV-Campus)
    • Building management system (GLT)
    • Telecommunications (TK)
  • Segmentation can be logical and/or physical. The subnets may be segmented into further subnets.

User groups

Depending on the network segment, the following user groups can be identified:

  • F&L: All members as well as institutions of Ulm University, unless they are connected to other subnetworks
  • GLT: ZUV Department V-3 Building Automation and Electrical Engineering as well as the contractors involved
  • TK: all administrators of the TK system as well as the contract companies involved
  • ZUV: all ZUV employees in the building Helmholtzstraße 16
  • ZUV Campus: ZUV employees at locations other than the building at Helmholtzstraße 16

Service times

24 x 7 x 365

Application conditions

The use of the service and certain changes in its use must be requested. To do so, use the online application forms listed in the right-hand column. After checking the application, the necessary configuration data will be sent to the customer by e-mail. Different regulations apply to the GLT and TK network segments:

  • GLT: application only from ZUV department V-3 via direct order
  • TK: No application possible

Charges / Fees

No charges will be made for the Service.

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