Projects at the kiz - Innovation engine & service improvement

The kiz participates as a project partner or in a leading role in numerous application-oriented research projects to develop innovative new services. The results of these projects can be advisory services, user-friendly software tools or the provision of new infrastructure.

In addition, we continuously carry out internal university projects to adapt our services to user requirements, to keep them technologically up-to-date and to make them resource-oriented.

Find out more about the projects currently running at the kiz (as of 30.05.2022).

Library Services & Open Access

  • DeepGreen

High Performance Computing & Cloud Computing

Selection of already completed projects of the kiz

  • bwCard (completed on 30.11.2021)
  • MoeWe (completed on 31.03.2021)
  • bwCloud SCOPE (completed on 30.06.2020)
  • Serviceverbesserung Lernplattform Moodle (completed on 31.07.2019)
  • CiTAR (completed on 31.07.2019)
  • RePlay-DH (completed on 30.06.2019)
  • bwNET100G+ Extension (completed on 31.12.2019)
  • SARA (completed on 30.04.2019)
  • bwITsec (completed on 31.12.2018)
  • bwHPC-C5 (completed on 30.06.2018)
  • bwCMS (completed on 30.09.2017)
  • bwCloud (completed on 31.12.2016)
  • bwForCluster Betrieb (completed on 30.06.2016)
  • State University Network BelWü 100G Realisation
  • bwFDM-Communities (completed on 30.06.2015)
  • Erweiterung der Backup-Infrastruktur auf Basis des Tivoli Storage Manager (completed on 31.03.2015)
  • bwForCluster (completed on 31.12.2014)
  • PVL HW BW (completed on 31.12.2014)
  • Pilotprojekt „Universitätsübergreifenes Backup mit Bacula“ (completed on 31.12.2014)
  • bwFDM (completed on 01.01.2014)

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