Alarm service

Service Categorie: Communikation

In an emergency or malfunction, the service provides an event-driven, automatic telephone alarm of individuals. It also monitors contact states and controls contacts.

Service feature

Alarm activation:

  • Speed dialling on any telephone/li>
  • WAGO contact (input and output contacts)
  • Cronjob
  • Ping monitoring
  • ESPA-Connector (fire alarm systems)
  • ASCOM Protector  (personal security)
  • backend

Alarm options:

  • Alarm message of predefined text
  • Alarm message of freely recordable text
  • Change of a contact state (e.g. barrier opening)
  • Call duration can be adjusted
  • Good/bad signal for contacts
  • Preconfigured conference call
  • Freely configurable time control for different participants on different days/times
  • Loudspeaker announcement for uni-internal telephones
  • Switching to active call with uni-internal devices
  • Breaking/tracking call forwarding for uni-internal devices
  • Sending of freely configurable text messages for uni-internal devices
  • Up to 120 participants can be alerted simultaneously
  • Call prioritization for alarm targets
  • Whitelist for alarm triggering
  • Display screen for alarm freely configurable (max. 12 characters)
  • Required number of positively confirmed participants in percent or 1-9 participants adjustable
  • Escalation alarm, if positive confirmations are not reached
  • Alarm announcements can be recorded on the phone or uploaded to the backend
  • Sending log files by e-mail
  • Printing the log file on any printer
  • Adjustable maintenance mode for alarms

Alarm confirmation or alarm acknowledgement:

  • PIN input
  • Key for loudspeaker announcement

Confirmation alarm for reaching number of positive confirmations alarm targets:

  • Landline phones within/outside university
  • DECT phones within/outside university
  • mobile phones

User groups

In principle, the service can be used by all facilities of the university and its members, as well as by external parties (especially VBA) in connection with the use of other kiz services (e.g. telephony). A requirement for use is the possibility and legitimacy of monitoring system and contact states for which an event-driven alarm is to be used.

Service times

24 x 7 x 365

Application details

An alert is requested online as a separate order. Whether the alarm is set up depends on the possibility and legitimacy of monitoring the desired system and contact states as well as their operational relevance. As a rule, an alarm is only set up for critical purposes or in the event of potential danger to persons.

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Charge / Fee

No fees will be charged for the service.

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