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Web-CMS provides the University with a content management system for managing web pages based on TYPO3. It is a complex editorial system with which, among other things, a complete separation of the content creation and maintenance from the technical generation of the HTML code of the websites is achieved. For web editors, it is therefore possible to create websites that do not meet the requirements of international HTML standards and the corporate design, without the knowledge of HTML, XML or CSS, since they only have to deal with the actual content.

Kiz provides the technical platform (TYPO3) with a defined portfolio of features. It also takes care of user and rights management for the editorial departments of institutes and other institutions.

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Service description

  • Creating an individual and / or institution-specific editorial area with the creation of an own site tree including the homepage and assignment of the templates for the official corporate design. In addition, the user receives a linked folder in the file system of the web server for storing documents and images.
  • In individual cases editorial areas without corporate design of the university are established. There is no claim to this.
  • Kiz constructs the necessary user accounts and access rights for the individual editorial areas on the basis of a roll concept. The roles are chief editor, editor and editors who have graduated access rights. The authentication is done with the kiz account. Authorization takes place via the entered user rights in TYPO3.
  • Depending on the assigned roles and editorial areas, the registered users can independently create, manage and delete web pages.
  • With an RTE (rich text editor) you can gather content (texts, images, videos, tables, lists). The RTE takes over the creation of the HTML / CSS code. In addition, the editors can structure the content with column elements.
  • Provision of extensions for the independent use of the following functions:
    - news
    - events
    - publications
    - forms
    - addresses / contacts
    - FAQ
  • Integrated version management, which can be used to undo all changes to pages and content at any time.
  • Integrated function for administration of bilingual content (German / English).
  • Optional installation of access-protected websites with independent allocation of access rights (setting up front-end users and front-end user groups).
  • Chief editors can look up access statistics (as long as they are accordant to data privacy protection) at any time via the backend for the editorial areas they are responsible for.
  • Integrated search function in the frontend (with the data protection-compliant duckduckgo search engine)

User groups

The service can be used by Institutions of Ulm University, which are entitled to appear in the corporate design of the university. Individuals can’t receive an editorial area (for a personal homepage), even if they are members of the university. In addition, editorial areas can be set up for meetings, research projects and other approved projects at the University of Ulm.

External and non-university institutions that are not part of the university's corporate design may be authorized in individual cases to use the service and use different design templates. There is no claim to use.

Service times

24 x 7 x 365

Short down times for maintenance purposes of approx. 10 minutes can occur in irregular intervals.

Application conditions

For the creation of a new editorial area, an application is required. The application has to be submitted via an online form. The entitlement is examined by kiz. Each institute or institution shall appoint at least one chief responsible editor and if necessary other person who edit websites.
Editors can be added to the editorial area at any time, removed from the editorial area or equipped with a different role. For this purpose, an application must also be made via an online form by the person in charge of the editorial area.

All editors need a kiz account as a technical access requirement. External persons who do not receive this account can, in exceptional cases, get a local access exclusively for this service (for example, in the case of collaborative projects with external partners). The responsible persons of the editorial areas have to ensure that the loss of the right to edit is communicated immediately to the kiz.

Charge / Fees

No fees or charges will be charged for the service.

Communication and Information Centre (kiz)

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