Electronic Telephone Book (ETB)

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The electronic telephone book (ETB) is a database-based information system. It maps the operational organisational structure of the University of Ulm and, if applicable, the institutions connected with it. It also shows the assignment of the members of these organisational units and their contact data.

The ETB has a web-based and worldwide freely accessible research interface with which a search for persons or organisational units is possible.

In order to keep the data of employees at the university and the university hospital up-to-date, a monthly database extract in the form of a text file is fed into the system from the personnel management systems of the university and university hospital.

Information beyond the name and affiliation to organizational units, such as email addresses or telephone numbers of persons, are edited manually. A self-service functionality is used for this purpose:

The ETB backend has a role concept that allows authorized employees with a kiz account to add or remove attributes such as email address, telephone number, room number, etc. of persons or organizational units. Persons who do not exist in the leading personnel administration systems and who are therefore not created using the import mechanism can also be added via the backend if necessary.

The role concept is structured in a way that certain roles are restricted in their functionality. For example, an administrator cannot add external people, while a board administrator can.

Access (with/without login): Electronic Telephone Book (ETB)

Service description

Frontend (freely accessible worldwide)

The search in the ETB for persons and organisational units is freely accessible in the sense of an information system and is aimed both at members of the university and the public.

  • A web-based search that filters the entire organizational structure of the university according to organizational units or persons.
  • Navigation through the company organizational structure.


Using the editing functions in the backend is only possible for persons with a kiz account, which are usually members of the university.

  • Import function for identity data and the affiliation to organizational units from the personnel management systems of the university and the university hospital in form of a text file.
  • User with a kiz account have the possibility to change the following attributes of their own ETB entry:

    • address
    • telefax
    • mobile
    • room number
    • phone number
    • mobile phone number
    • link auf website (WWW)
    • visibility (3 levels: invisible, within the university network, worldwide)
    • Profile picture displayed in the Typo3 plugin
  • New persons can be created manually.
  • New organizational units can be created.
  • Entire organizational units can be moved, deleted and renamed.
  • Organizational units can also be assigned attributes:
    • Phone display name
    • address
    • email
    • telefax
    • phone number
    • mobile phone number
    • room number
    • link to website (WWW)


Role concept

  • Persons with a kiz account and no additional administrative role can only change their own ETB entry.
  • There are 3 administrator roles for data management:
    • Department Administrator: Can edit the organization assigned to him and all underlying organizational units and their employees.
    • Department/Committee Admin: Can add external people in addition to the department administrator.
    • Superadministrator: Has access to all functionalities. This role is restricted to kiz employees.
  • Owners of an administrative role can assign this role to other persons without the involvement of superadministrators.

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Application conditions

No application is required to use the search functions of the service. To edit the entries in the ETB backend, at least one kiz account (own data) and an extended role is required (entries by institutes and their employees). The assignment of extended roles (exception: superadministrator) is usually done locally by the respective organizational unit, but can also be done by kiz if necessary.


No fees are charged for this service.

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