Learning Platform (Moodle)

Service category: Teaching & Learning Support

Moodle is a central learning platform for teachers and learners. Moodle accompanies attendance lectures and extends them with online modules. In addition, Moodle can be used for pure online teaching and also as a workgroup system for research and working groups.

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Service description

  • Storage and provision of files and multimedia (learning) content
  • Assessment tools (task, test, sample solutions, evaluations, follow-up, ...)
  • Organizational tools (grouping, scheduler, attendance management, ...)
  • Communication tools (forum, messaging system, virtual seminar rooms, ...)
  • Collaboration tools (voting, feedback, workshop, ...)
  • Structured (learning) content collection and provision (Wiki, database, learning package, glossary, ...)
  • Sophisticated plug-in architecture for the integration of additional functions

User groups

  • Members of the University of Ulm or all persons who have a kiz account.

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365
Announced maintenance every Friday 7:30 - 8:30 clock, regular downtime usually <5 min.

Application conditions

  • No separate application is required to use the service. After the first login with the kiz account, a profile is created in Moodle. After this, you can use the kiz account to access various content in Moodle and enroll in courses (student role).
  • Lecturer rights and new Moodle courses are applied for via the course catalogue.


There are no fees and charges for the service. The implementation of feature requests, which are desired by users and whose implementation is generally supported by the kiz, may cause one-time implementation costs and permanent maintenance costs in long-term operation. Under certain circumstances, these costs may be invoiced in full or in part. The exact conditions depend on the individual case.


In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, special modalities apply to this service.


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