Central Fileserver (CIFS-Server)

Service categorie: Backup & Storage

The central file server is available to all members of the university departments. All types of work files can be stored in a so-called share, which is a central spot on a server ("hard disk in the network"). It is accessed via the CIFS or SMB protocol and is possible from all common operating systems. Shares are established exclusively on institutional basis by institutions or comparable organizational units.

The kiz account is used for authentication. The IDM subscription "UNIX account" is also required.

Service description

  • The kiz provides a central storage area on a CIFS server for institutions of Ulm University (institutional share). These shares are accessible via the CIFS path \\ cifs.uni-ulm.de \ data \ SHARE-NAME
  • Only official files can be stored in this memory area. The following exceptions apply:
    • The use of the shares as a backup system, for example to secure laptops or similar, is not permitted. The appropriate backup service of the kiz must be used for this purpose.
    • The data protection clarification required for the processing of personal data (creation of a VVT, etc.) must be provided by the user of the service. At Ulm University, the Data Protection Team (Department I) is the central point of contact for these issues.
  • Access to the institutional shares is exclusively via the SMB protocol and is limited to the university's IP address range (134.60 / 16). A VPN connection to the campus network must be established for outside use.
  • This serves as a basic supply service with central data storage and is therefore quoted with regard to the storage volume. The quota, default 500 GB and expandable to 1 TB per organizational unit, is determined on the basis of total usage by all persons assigned to the respective organizational unit.
  • The institutional shares each receive a sub-structure with corresponding security groups, via which the file access rights are defined:
    • A "public" folder with write privileges for all server users assigned to the organizational unit, as well as read access rights for all authenticated users of the service.
    • A public folder with write privileges for all server users assigned to the organizational unit, as well as read access rights for all authenticated users of the service.
    • Personal directories for each user.
  • In order to avoid access problems due to  limitations of the software, the use of ACLs (Access Control Lists) should be avoided.
  • Data backup: For the last 24 hours as well as once a day for the last 28 days, non-modifiable snapshots of all data areas are created automatically. The required memory space is calculated for the quota. You can access these versions via the CIFS path \\ cifs.uni-ulm.de \ SHARE-NAME / .zfs. Under Windows, you may have to change the options for the folder view to show hidden files. In addition to the snapshots, the data are backed up daily via the backup system of the kiz.

User groups

Institutions of Ulm University for official purposes only.

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Necessary maintenance work, such as security updates, is generally carried out in marginal times (6:00 - 7:00, 21:00 - 22:00).

Application condition

The initial provision of an institutional storage space for an institution or another comparable organization of the university is formally applied for by the facility management through the helpdesk of the kiz. The need must be justified.

The application procedure applies to the establishment of access rights and personal directories within the institutional storage area. The assignment of persons is necessarily linked to the IDM system and thus to the formal affiliation to the organizational unit.


No fees are charged for the data base of the basic service. An enlargement of the quota is currently also not possible against payment.

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