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The central and campus-wide backup service is available to all departments of the universities of Ulm, Konstanz and Tübingen. Data from departmental servers and, in exceptional cases, from local PCs can be automatically saved over the network or can be restored as required. The backup  of private or non-university equipment requires a case-by-case decision and is generally not provided for.

Service description

Software & Documentation

  • Client software for installation on the backup node is provided for all common operating systems (generally not available for NAS systems) via the university portal for download. The same applies to updates or bug fixes. For the download a login with the kiz account as well as a status as an employee is required.
  • Providing instructions on how to install and configure the client software on the kiz website.
  • Providing an overview of files or directories depending on supported operating system, which are excluded from the backup by default.

Data backup

  • Ensuring the backup basic service. The basic service has a data volume of maximum 32 TB and a maximum of 40 million files per client or 150 TB for a complete institute or a department. In order to ensure a fair supply for all facilities, the maximum number of clients or the total data volume of a facility can be restricted. The specified volume of the basic service can be adjusted within the scope of technical innovations or the further development of the service.
  • Backup automated by schedule. Start times for automated data backup are usually daily or on weekdays.
  • In order to be able to guarantee smooth operation, the time required by clients for the backup must generally not exceed 12-16 hours. If this cannot be guaranteed on a permanent basis, the kiz reserves the right to exclude the system from the service offered for operational reasons. If necessary, for example to carry out maintenance work, the kiz also reserves the right to cancel backups in progress.

  • Error messages and other status messages are regularly sent to the registered e-mail address. Users receive a daily report about the status of backup jobs and a weekly status report.

  • Regular service connections between the client and the server are absolutely necessary for the service as otherwise the loss of all backup data is at risk. A successful backup is necessary at least once a month to obtain the data.

  • Optionally, it is possible to include own programmes in the backup job on the client, either before and/or after the actual backup run. The operators of the systems are just as responsible for functionality and, if necessary, troubleshooting as they are for operation without these special programmes.
  • Data can also be encrypted on the client using self-signed certificates. The user is responsible for the administration of electronic keys. If the keys are lost, there is no way to decrypt the data in the backup.
  • Backup of local backup solutions is out of the question(for example, indirect backups from client PCs to an institute server, which in turn secures all data with the backup service of the kiz). Likewise, the protection of virtual disk images is excluded in the interest of the users, in order to prevent associated inconsistencies.

Restore data

  • The restoration is usually done by the kiz after appropriate assignment by the user. The restoration can also be performed by the user himself. An additional command-line interface (bconsole) has to be installed on the client.
  • With a continuous backup on the client at least day-by-day the data of the last two weeks or even the last three months can be accessed.


  • A 1st and 2nd level support is provided to users of the University of Ulm.
  • Users from the Universities of Konstanz and Tübingen contact the data centre there. Then the 2nd level support of the kiz is possibly contacted by the data centre.

User groups

Institutes and facilities (or their employees), which belong to the universities of Ulm, Tübingen or Konstanz.

Service hours

24 x 7 x 365

Application condition

For each backup client (computer), a request for setting up the backup must be made.

Users of the Universities of Konstanz and Tübingen apply for the backup service via the data centre there. After the test, the data centre will provide the kiz with the necessary information on setting up the backup client.

Charge / Fees

Institutions of the University of Ulm will not be charged any fees or charges for the basic service.

Users of the universities of Konstanz and Tübingen may be billed for charges by their respective data centers. The locally agreed conditions apply.

Notes on installation and use

By participating in this service, you acknowledge the user regulations of the kiz, in particular, that backups are data from the university and information security is given.

  • Download the Bacula client software 
  1. Registration with the kiz account at the Higher Education Service Portal (Hochschuldiensteportal)
  2. Menue "Download Software" 
  3. Selection System software "Bacula Enterprise Edition (BEE)"
  4. Selection for your operating system either as 32-bit or 64-bit version
  • For your information:

    Exclude lists that exclude temporary directories, caches, etc. from the backup are defined depending on the operating system used and basically is active for all clients. These lists are provided in the setup phase of your client as well as on request.

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