Publication Management

Head: Dipl.-Bibl. Karin Zwiesler

The Publication Management team supports the members of the University of Ulm (scientists, students) with its services, particularly in all aspects of the publication process and teaching.

The Service Point Publication Management provides advice on the submission of dissertations and habilitations, on publications by Ulm scientists, and on the publication of theses. Members of the team take over the comprehensive consulting and support tasks in the areas of Open Access, publishing (also teaching material and scripts), writing advice, institutional repository, literature management (e.g. with RefWorks), digital semester apparatus and social media.

Special requests, especially literature searches and citation analyses, are handled by the team. The employees continuously expand the range of information and publication skills on offer (e.g. courses for specialist databases and subject-specific workshops). The aim is to advise and support university scientists and students in their search for information and in the entire publication process for all scientific publications.

With regard to the benefits for science, the team observes and evaluates current topics and trends in close cooperation with the scientists, with the aim of developing and offering modern information services (e.g. bibliometrics / altmetrics).
The team also organises training activities for librarians (e.g. specialists for media and information services, trainees, interns).


Team Publication Management
Team Publication Management