Manage access authorisations

To use the "electronic key" feature of the chip card, access authorisations must be assigned individually. By default, all smart cards of employees and students are equipped with access authorisation for the external lock of the university as well as for the PC pools operated by the kiz (Windows pools: students only). Additional authorisations must be applied for at the kiz. Access authorisations can only be issued for student ID cards, staff ID cards and guest cards of the University of Ulm. The procedure for this is as follows:

Persons authorised to apply for the management of access authorisations

As a rule, the head of the respective facility informs the kiz which persons are authorised to access the rooms of the facility. He/she may delegate this right to one or more persons (authorised applicants). The authorised applicants must be named to the kiz by the head of the facility in writing (in-house post or signed e-mail).

An exception is the building services department, which receives access authorisation to the rooms as standard. This authorisation can be objected to in justified exceptional cases.

All eligible applicants must have a kiz account.

Grant access authorisation

Authorised applicants can apply for access authorisation for other persons by sending a signed e-mail to the address chipkartenberechtigung(at) A signed e-mail ensures that the e-mail really comes from authorised persons. The e-mail certificate required for this purpose, which must be applied for separately, is issued by the kiz free of charge (see DFN Global Zertifikat).

Access authorisations can also be limited in time from the outset.

Revoke access authorisation

The respective institution or the authorised applicants named by it are responsible for providing the kiz with up-to-date information on access authorisations at all times. The kiz must be notified of the revocation of an access authorisation (e.g. change of department of persons) by signed e-mail to the above address. In this case, please inform us of the name of the person (for guest cards: chip card number) whose authorisation is to be revoked, as well as the profile designation of the access authorisation and the ULUB number.

The loss of a chip card must be reported immediately to the issuing office and the kiz. In this case, please use the forms provided for this purpose.

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