Tips for use of UMS

Central answering machine (voice mail)

Each internal telephone connection, with the exception of the corridor units, has an automatic answering machine. To use this service, you only have to activate it (see operating instructions), not request it. If you do not know or have forgotten the PIN required for accessing the answering machine, you can request a new PIN using the corresponding form.

Central fax service

With the central fax service it is possible to send faxes from the workstation PC and receive them under an individual phone number as an e-mail with a PDF file attachment. A separate fax machine or additional hardware for the PC (modem, ISDN card) is not required. All you need is a PC connected to the campus network with a web browser and an individually assigned telephone number (telephone at the workplace, DECT, etc.).

The service can be used by all employees of the University, the Hospital, the University of Applied Sciences and the affiliated institutions upon request. The person responsible for the cost center, usually the head of department or institute, must approve this request. The costs are charged to the cost center.

The service can also be used from outside the campus network (e.g. from home or while travelling), provided a VPN connection has been established using the appropriate software (see VPN). Received faxes are provided in TIFF and PDF formats. For sending faxes, documents in PDF, TIFF, DOC, XLS, ODT and ODS formats with a maximum size of 4 MB can be uploaded directly to the UMS server, where they are converted for sending. Documents in other formats have to be converted by the user, preferably to PDF. To create PDF files from your applications you either need the Acrobat package from Adobe or alternatively a free tool such as PDFCreator or FreePDF XP.