FAQ: How do I get a digital semester collection and what is the procedure?

Frequently asked questions about digital semester sets

Yes, this is possible with scientific journals. In the case of licensed e-journals, articles can be included via link. The same can be done for articles published under a CC-licence.
Individual articles can be integrated as PDF directly into Moodle by the lecturer. A prerequisite is that the course is password protected.

Here it is valid that up to 15% of a deliverable book may be used. The 15% is based on the total number of numbered pages of a book with foreword, table of contents, bibliography and subject index, but without blank pages. Please indicate the number of pages required for scanning.
Out-of-print books can be provided completely in Moodle as PDF.

Please use Moodle for this. Teaching material should not be provided via Typo3. Legally, the use of a teaching-learning platform such as Moodle with password-protected courses is a prerequisite for the provision of PDFs for students.

Yes, this is possible if the Internet source is copyright-free. These e-resources are linked in the digital semester apparatus, i.e. no PDF or other medium is kept directly, only the link is used.

We will include these titles in the semester apparatus. The books can be ordered by students via the online catalogue.
This combined offer of print and e-media enables students to find the literature at one place for their lectures without having to search further.