Current Trojan Virus Threat

Ulm University

Due to a recent increase in ransomware attacks at the University, we would like to remind you about the precautions you can take to minimize the risk of attack. Kiz has developed a reference guide to avoid infection. Please take the time to read this guide.

The current attack involves e-mails disguised as very convincing looking letters of application, often containing ZIP file attachments (applicant photos and supposed application documents). To our knowledge, the ZIP files with the supposed application documents always end with ".pdf.js", which is supposed to encourage you to open a supposed PDF file. However, the files will acutally unleash a ransomware infection on your system.

If you have received such an e-mail, delete it immediately and do not open any of the attachments. If your computer is already infected, kiz also has a reference guide you can consult.

Kiz, for its part, will step up  its computer security on campus. Nevertheless, we depend on your support and attentiveness since no system is truly free of security loopholes.