Data Quotas

When storing data on systems of the kiz usually limited data quotas are available for the users depending on the respective services. Are these used it is not possible to save further datas or alternatively the account is blocked.

Email quota

Students and alumni have a standard quota of 2 GB, 4 GB employees. All on the mail server stored emails (which belong to one account including inbox and all folders) must not exceed this data volume. As soon as 95% of the limit is reached the message "Alert: Mailbox is at 95% of quota" appears when logging in into the mail system (when using the webmail interface as well as when using the locally installed clients e.g. Netscape, Mozilla or Outlook). If the quota exceeds more than 100% - that can happen if you receive an email with a very large attachment - the message "Alert: mailbox is over quota" appears. Receiving emails is always possible independet of exceeding the quota so your mails will never disappear.

If the quota is almost exceeded please make sure that when cleaning up the mails on the mail client the mails are really deleted and not only in the trash folder. The trashs folder is also part of the data quota and when shifting the mails additional space is temporarily needed which is not available anymore when the quota is exceeded. In the settings of the mail client this option is usually named "delete message at once". If the mails are merely marked for deleting than it has to be made sure that via the settings "delete finally" or "compress folder" the mails really deleted.

In most email programs you can query the current exhaustion of the email quota at any time if the you have configurated the client to the imap protocol. In Thunderbird select the folder "inbox" with the right mouse button and choose "Properties..."

UNIX Quota

For the personal home directory in the UNIX system of the kiz there is no standard quota. Nevertheless, usage of storage space is monitored and a quota is set if too much space is used.

A query of the quota and its current exhaustion is always possible with the shell command quota.

Employees of the university may receive a higher, individual agreed UNIX quota after consulting us.

PC labs Linux

The home directory in the Linux computer labs is identical with home directory of the Unix system of the kiz. So exactly the same quotas apply here.

PC labs Windows

In the Windows computer labs of the kiz (exceptions are the training labs) the personal home directory is available under drive letter H:\. A maximum of 300 MB is permanently allowed to be saved on this directory. For data which are saved on the local drives of the computers (drive letter C:\) a quota of 1 MB applies. Generally it is data from the personal user profile (desktop, history). The limitation is primarily necessary to keep the login and log out times low because the data of the user profile are transferred completely from the server to the computer.

There is not constant observation of the quota but only when a bottleneck on the fileserver appears. In this case all accounts which have exceeded the quota will automatically be blocked. To unlock the account is only possible after consulting one of the daministrators personally. In this case please contact our Helpdesk.

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